Angeli Baj Christo Festa Gaul A. Martini S.Martini Jenkins Perilli Scanavino Schifano Tadini
20 May – 29 July 2023
Press release

The intention behind this new layout is to represent, although certainly not in an exhaustive way, some developments that contemporary art had in the second half of the 20th century, almost as if it were a small journey into currents, movements, trends that already existed or that were formed and developed in that period.

Particular attention is paid to the decades of the 60s and 70s, considered, these, as a period of hub and strong renewal of contemporary art in Italy.

A bronze sculpture of clear twentieth-century matrix by Arturo Martini, from 1935, entitled "Frightened Amazons" introduces this hypothetical "journey", followed by a refined gouache by Marino Marini entitled "Horse and rider" from 1952 where a renewal of modern forms and contents is already looming; the exhibition continues with a focus on Italian pop art starting from a collage and acrylic on canvas from 1966 by Enrico Baj and from a rare work from 1969 by Emilio Tadini, both considered in a certain sense precursors of the pop era, represented here, also in Rome, by a "Paesaggio Italiano" by Tano Festa from 1974 and a "Half dollar" by Franco Angeli from 1976 and by an emulsified canvas by Mario Schifano from the television series from 1977 .

Also on display are works, again dating back to the 1970s, but of an abstract-informal matrix, such as a large oil on canvas, 80x80 cm, with a strong impact, by Emilio Scanavino entitled "Appeso" and again the painting "Lento Pede" by Achille Perilli which brings us back to this artistic context despite being created later.

Also present in the exhibition are international artists who since the 1970s have had frequent visits to our country, such as Paul Jenkins, on display with the watercolor on paper "Phenomena Prince on Buck Island" from 1977, or Christo with the multiple work with collage "Wrapped monument to Vittorio Emanuele" created in 1975 in Piazza del Duomo in Milan, and finally WInfred Gaul with "Genova" acrylic on canvas from 1971.

The exhibition closes, in a chronological sense and not only, with the work of Sandro Martini "Pulque Transcription", an artist who recently passed away, of which a personal exhibition has recently closed in our gallery.

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