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28 May – 10 September 2011
Press release

The Guastalla Centro Arte Gallery presents an anthological exhibition of the artist Renato Guttuso. About 40 works, paintings, mixed techniques, drawings and graphic works by the artist who died in Rome in 1987 will be exhibited. The various themes are represented with the techniques most used by Guttuso: the nudes, the erotic scenes, the still lifes, landscapes with famous roofs, scenes of social realism, illustrations from ancient literature.


In presenting the catalogue, Giorgio Guastalla recalls his friendship and working relationship with Renato Guttuso in about 17 years of assiduous acquaintance, consolidated also through three important exhibitions in the 1970s, in one of which the large painting "La Vucciria ” with the relative preparatory sketches, and with the publication of the volume “Homage to Guttuso” and 2 albums of lithographs in the 80s.


Of particular interest among the works on display are the cycle of illustrations for the Divine Comedy made in 1959-60, published by Mondadori in the volume "Il Dante di Guttuso", and some preparatory sketches for important paintings such as "La Spiaggia" from 1955 and "La Vucciria" of 1974.


Few artists have been so loved - writes Giorgio Guastalla in his text - as Guttuso: I think this is due to his realistic choice as a witness of his time and his social commitment; his painting represents history and contemporary life but also the elementary beauty of nature with a palette that flows into great painting as an end in itself. Guttuso addresses the world around him by painting the things he sees and knows, with the immediacy and strength of a primitive artist.


In his still lifes he depicts everyday things and the fruits of the earth cultivated by man, just as in his paintings of social commitment with expressionistic means he manages to impress on us the horror of the terrible consequences of our sick society or of an order society made up of oppression, victims and injustice.


In his presentation, Giorgio Guastalla reports what Guttuso himself wrote in his memorable volume Mestiere di Pittore:


“Painting is my profession. That is, it is my job and my way of relating to the world. I believe that for me it represents the most suitable possibility of understanding and making myself understood. But that doesn't mean that I understand and that I make myself understood.


I would like to be able to bear witness to my time (which is to say my passions) without being forced to distort its meanings. I would like to speak clearly and seem obvious without being obvious rather saying totally new things. I would like to know how to use the discoveries of avant-garde art as much as possible without copying anyone's methods, and without continuing with my other partial experiences a course of the "avant-garde" which has been virtually closed (for at least 10 years). I would like to be passionate and simple, bold and not over the top. I would like to achieve total freedom in art, a freedom which, like in life, consists in truth".

Catalog show

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