The dream and the inconscious
26 – 30 May 2014
Press release

The Guastalla Centro gallery offers a new appointment with the designer graphics of international contemporary art masters and on this occasion presents a selection of works on paper dedicated to Surrealism. The cultural movement of Surrealism, which was born as an evolution of Dadaism and had the French poet Andrè Breton as its main theoretician, influenced the entire culture of the twentieth century, involving both the visual arts and literature and cinema. Breton, influenced by Freud's reading of The Interpretation of Dreams of 1899, arrives at the conclusion that dreams and the unconscious should have a fundamental role in modern civilization and therefore thinks of founding a new artistic-literary movement which in his Manifesto of 1924 defines as follows:



« Pure psychic automatism, through which one proposes to express, with words or writing or in any other way, the real functioning of thought. Command of thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, outside of any aesthetic and moral concern. »



Surrealism gives access to what lies beyond the visible and often manifested itself as a rebellion against cultural and social conventions through freedom of customs, poetry and love.



The following year Breton, capturing the mutations that occurred in artistic research, began to theorize Le surrealisme et la peinture which took shape in an exhibition at the Pierre gallery in Paris, with Arp, De Chirico, Ernst, Klee, Masson, Mirò, Picasso, Man Ray and Pierre Roy.



The exhibition will present around 40 original graphic works, including lithographs, etchings and aquatints, by many of the artists who participated in this revolutionary movement that spanned the 1900s: Hans Bellmer, Salvador Dalì, Giorgio De Chirico, Max Ernst, Leonor Fini , Wifredo Lam, René Magritte, Henri Masson, Sebastian Matta, Joan Mirò.

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