Emilio Greco

Emilio Greco (Catania 1913 - Rome 1995)

He was an Italian sculptor, writer and illustrator. His work was inspired by Etruscan terracotta and Roman portraiture, busts and, later, Mannerist sculpture, as in the work Grande Bagnante (1956). In his favourite themes, portrait busts and female nudes, he composes the cues of his classical research into solutions of easy elegance. He is also the author of the 1954 monument to Pinocchio, the 1965-67 monument to John XXIII, and the bronze doors for Orvieto Cathedral (1961-64).

In 1984 he executed an etching for the album Omaggio a Modigliani (Homage to Modigliani) for our Graphis Arte editions. In 1985, the same Graphis Arte dedicated the volume Homage to Emilio Greco in the Italian edition of the XXème Siecle series in Paris.


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